sunfish of the ipswich river


We have 5 species of sunfish in the Ipswich and we hope to show you how to tell them apart.  It adds to my fishing experience when I know what I am catching.

Rather than call all of the panfish we catch as “sunnies” why not keep a count of our success of catching all the species in the River.  Click on their names and see a picture for each.  Note the black spot behind the eye on on the margin of the gill.  We do not yet have a picture for Banded Sunfish.

They are:

Green Sunfish, not native

Redbreast Sunfish

Bluegill, not native


Banded Sunfish

Other panfish:

Black Crappie, not native

Largemouth Bass, not native

White Perch

Yellow Perch

panfish are not easy to identify

Photographs supplied to IpswichRiver by:

Alex Haring

Sarah Turner

Jim MacDougall